A conflict is brewing between Mueller and Trump’s transition team over ‘tens of thousands’ of emails he obtained

Alex Wong/Getty Images

    President Donald Trump’s transition team’s lawyer claims special counsel Robert Mueller’s office illegally obtained “tens of thousands” of transition officials’ emails.

    The emails were provided to Mueller by officials at the General Services Administration, the government agency which hosted the transition team’s email accounts.

    Mueller’s spokesman and a top GSA lawyer pushed back on the transition team’s claims that the emails were unlawfully obtained.

    Langhofer said GSA officials had engaged in “unlawful conduct” by handing all the communications over to Mueller’s team, and that it represented a breach of transition team officials’ Fourth Amendment rights, which protect against unreasonable searches and seizures.

    According to Axios, the transition team plans to send a letter to Mueller claiming that some of the emails are privileged and should be returned.

    According to Langhofer, Beckler told the transition team that it “Owned and controlled” all its emails, and that any requests for transition team records would be routed through the campaign’s legal representative.

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