Alabama pastors turn on Roy Moore after he’s caught faking endorsement letter

However, Moore’s support within religious communities is not quite as strong as he has touted. It turns out that he and his wife may be lying about having the endorsement of several pastors and churches.

But less than a day after the letter was published, it was revealed that this was simply a copy of a letter posted to Moore’s campaign website during the Senate primary, before he was accused of being a pedophile – with three new sentences deceptively added to make it look like it was about the general election.

For Moore and his wife to edit an endorsement letter, and then tout it without the permission of the pastors who are supposedly endorsing him, is yet another new low in a Senate race that seems to have no bottom.

Faced with eroding support from the Alabama GOP’s conservative religious base, Moore is bearing false witness. The people of Alabama deserve a senator who respects them enough to tell the truth.

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