Berklee College of Music students protest school’s response to reports of sexual assault

Students say they want more transparency from the college on these cases, as well as expulsion for students and firing of professors found responsible for sexual misconduct. Organizers told ThinkProgress that journalists were initially barred from entering the performance center, leading many of the students to state they wouldn’t go in either.

Last week, Kay Lazar, an investigative reporter at the Globe published a story about incidents in which students say professors at the school sexually harassed and assaulted them.

The college responded to these allegations in the piece. Students protesting the university’s response took issue with the accuracy of the college’s statement, “As evidenced by our past practices, where an investigation reveals a serious violation of our sexual misconduct policy, we act swiftly and decisively to remove the individuals from our community.”

“This is blatantly untrue. Every single person at Berklee knows that there are sexual predators and rapists walking around,” said Berklee junior and professional music major Michaela McDonagh, one of the students who organized the protest.

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