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Congratulations! You’re now paying for Trump’s pricey vacations

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Congratulations! You’re now paying for Trump’s pricey vacations

Local governments who have been forced to spend millions on Donald Trump’s weekend getaways to his luxury resort properties are receiving some relief, thanks to the spending bill approved by Congress.

The New York Times reports that a portion of taxpayers’ money has been allocated for this purpose:

Another roughly $60 million would be set aside in a rare provision to reimburse localities, like New York City and Palm Beach County in Florida, that have incurred “extraordinary law enforcement personnel costs” associated with protecting Mr. Trump’s residences since Election Day.

The Times goes on to note that the funds were added after “weeks of mostly behind-the-scenes lobbying,” reflecting “the tremendous costs associated with protecting the lifestyle of Mr. Trump and his family.”

These costs are being covered without any assistance from Trump. Despite his claim to be a multi-billionaire, and documented evidence that...

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