Cowardly Republican Senate candidates are deafeningly silent on Moore

Silence speaks a thousand words, and in the case of a number of Republican Senate candidates, those words are saying quite a lot about their character – or lack thereof.

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel refused to take a position on whether Moore should exit the race.

If the Republican Party wants to hold on to even a shred of morality, each and every one of their members ought to unequivocally repudiate Moore.

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele made this point crystal clear Monday evening.

Yeah, there’s a new reality coming to bear here for Republicans, the White House – the president in particular, when he gets back here to the United States – that will have to be addressed. ‘ You’re either definitively clear that Roy Moore should not be seated as a United States senator – as I am and many other Republicans are – or you’re going to backslide your way in making excuses, and to be honest with you, we have no use for that in the Republican Party.

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