Enthusiasm gap looms: Dem voters 1.5x more likely to volunteer in 2018 than GOP

By contrast, the share of politically active Trump voters who think they’ve been effective has remained practically unchanged over the same period of time.


Clinton voters who think their actions have been effective are 35 points likelier than those who don’t to say they’re at least somewhat likely to donate money to a party or candidate in next year’s election, and 33 points likelier to say they’re at least somewhat likely to volunteer. They’re also 20 points likelier to believe that Democrats will retake the House of Representatives in the next election.

Of particular note is the 33 point increase in Clinton voters who say they are likely to volunteer for Democratic causes or campaigns – 165 percent more than Trump voters. More volunteers would mean a broader ground game, and more effective efforts to turn out voters.

And the newfound determination of Clinton voters to volunteer will prove critical to continued Democratic gains.

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