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EPA chief jabs California’s environment push

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EPA chief jabs California’s environment push

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt ripped California Gov. Jerry Brown’s (D) “political agenda” on the environment, following the state's push for greener policies.

“Is it federalism to impose your policy on other states? It seems to me that Brown is being the aggressor here,” Pruitt told The New York Times. “But we expect the law will show this... That’s not federalism – that’s a political agenda hiding behind federalism.”

Brown said in Tuesday’s interview that he envisions California as a model to other states on fighting climate change.

“I want to do everything we can to keep America on track, keep the world on track, and lead in all the ways that California has,” he said. "We’re looking to do everything we can to advance our program, regardless of what happens in Washington.”

Brown added that the Trump administration’s executive order to dismantle the Clean Power Plan was a...

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