Even half of Republicans think sexual predator Trump should resign

In a stunning rebuke of Donald Trump and his well-documented history of being a sexual predator, an overwhelming majority of Americans, including a slim majority of Republicans, think public officials accused of sexual harassment and assault should resign from office.

Those are the finding of a new Quinnipiac poll that surveyed 1,700 American about the issue of sexual harassment and assault.

Separately, Americans disapprove 63-22 percent of the way Trump is handling sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Elsewhere, the poll found that 52 percent of Americans think people coming forward with stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault will change the nation for the better, while just 9 percent say it will make things worse.

Specifically in Alabama, Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate Roy Moore has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault when Moore was in his 30s and the women were in their teens, and one as young as 14. For them, Trump’s well-documented history as a serial sexual predator simply does not exist, which is the only way they can then pretend to care about the serious problem sexual harassment and assault in America today.

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