Former intel chief: Putin’s latest call to Trump shows he views him as “an asset”

Further, Trump’s remarks once again contained unsettling praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Speaking to CNN’s Jim Sciutto, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had a very frank characterization of how Putin sees Trump, which makes that praise all the more troubling.

SCIUTTO: You’re saying that Russia is handling President Trump as an asset?

CLAPPER: Well, that seems to be the – that’s the appearance to me.

And it is clear to Clapper that Putin had to do nothing more than flatter Trump to get his obedience.

“You have to remember Putin’s background,” said Clapper. “He’s a KGB officer. That’s what they do. They recruit assets. And I think some of that experience and instincts of Putin’s come into play here.”

For America’s head of state and commander in chief to be viewed this way by a hostile foreign power, and to be manipulated so easily, is the founding fathers’ nightmare scenario.

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