GOP senator admits she doesn’t understand tax scam, voted for it anyway

West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito is very proud that she and her fellow Republicans passed their tax scam in the dead of night, without the support of a single Democrat or the majority of the American people. The impacts were very clear, and the big impacts of small business, better corporate rates to make us more competitive and middle-class tax cuts were just glaring when I was reading it.

Perhaps if Capito did comprehend the tax code, she would know that those supposedly clear impacts simply do not exist. The tax scam overwhelmingly favors America’s wealthiest people and biggest corporations, while giving small and temporary tax cuts to the middle class that will be phased out to pay for the permanent corporate giveaways.

And not only that, but support for the entire Republican Party has dropped, with American voters believing Democrats are better suited to handle tax reform.

Those beleaguered corporations already sitting on piles of cash haven’t shared their record profits with workers because of the supposedly oppressive tax rate, but they certainly will now, all evidence to the contrary.

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