GOP senator fakes outrage over $1.1 million bribe to get his vote on tax scam

The new version of the GOP tax scam to come out of conference contains many of the worst bits of both the House and Senate bills.

But it also contains a new provision that was not in either of the original bills: a special loophole in the new “Pass-through” rate that would save real estate investors millions of dollars.

“I would ask that you provide an explanation of the evolution of this provision and how it made it into the final conference report,” he wrote. “I think that because of many sensitivities, clarity on this issue is very important.”

But Corker’s feigned outrage over this provision is a laughably transparent ploy to take scrutiny off of his own role in the controversy.

Corker denies that he even read the bill or saw this provision when he changed his vote, or that the provision is even new.

Corker demanding answers on how this provision ended up in the tax bill is like a three-year-old demanding answers on why his hand is in a cookie jar.

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