Here’s what we think is going to happen in 2018

Last year we correctly identified many of the problems the world would face in 2017, including some that directly challenged the new US president – Donald Trump. Svg” alt=”Trump will remain president of the United States” border=”0″ class=”slide-image on-image”>

President Donald TrumpAP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Impeachment papers introduced in the House. Even if “Chuck and Nancy” take up the cause, they’re still the opposition party – Republicans control both houses of Congress and have no reason to usher out a president of their own party. Even as a sea change takes over Washington and takes down more lawmakers, the allegations against the president didn’t hobble his candidacy and, barring some new revelation, the White House will stick to its current line – deny, deny, deny.

The obvious albatross around Trump’s neck is the Mueller investigation and the president’s potential ties to Russia. Trump remains the president – and will through the next year.

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