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“Ignorant.” “Incompetent.” “Liar.” America describes Trump in new poll


“Ignorant.” “Incompetent.” “Liar.” America describes Trump in new poll

A new poll from Quinnipiac University shows support for Donald Trump collapsing, particularly among groups that helped him win the election, such as “white voters with no college degree, white men, and independent voters.”

The survey shows Trump’s overall approval rating at an anemic 36 percent, with 58 percent of those surveyed disapproving of his presidency.

A majority of voters have negative assessments of Trump’s personal qualities. They do not believe Trump is honest, has good leadership skills, cares about average Americans, is level-headed, or that he shares their values.

And this poor showing in the polls came before Trump decided to fire FBI Director James Comey under cover of darkness, and as the FBI was ramping up investigations into Trump and Russia.

Even more striking are the top terms respondents gave as the first word that came to mind when they...

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