It looks like US F-22s and Russian Su-35s are locked in a last-minute intelligence grab over Syria

With the war on ISIS in Syria reportedly reaching its final phase according to many analysts, especially Russian, are these last few months of Russian/U.S. close proximity operations a rare opportunity for both parties to gather a significant amount of intelligence about each other’s’ capabilities? The answer is likely “yes”.

The encounters between Russian and U.S. aircraft over Syria are not new.

“We saw anywhere from six to eight incidents daily in late November, where Russian or Syrian aircraft crossed into our airspace on the east side of the Euphrates River,” Lt. Col. Pickart went on to tell news media, “The greatest concern is that we could shoot down a Russian aircraft because its actions are seen as a threat to our air or ground forces. Pickart’s remarks about the Russians “Deliberately testing or baiting us” are indicative of a force managing interactions to collect sensor, intelligence and capability “Order of battle”. Html? r=0″ rel=”Nofollow”>wrote about an incident in November when, “In one instance, two Air Force A-10 attack planes flying east of the Euphrates River nearly collided head-on with a Russian Su-24 Fencer just 300 feet away – a knife’s edge when all the planes were streaking at more than 350 miles per hour.

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