“Let’s not even go there.” News anchor shuts down most pathetic Roy Moore defender yet

The growing sexual abuse scandal surrounding Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore has dragged some seriously appalling defense and excuses out of the woodwork.

But Brandon Moseley of the Alabama Political Reporter may have just offered the most patently ludicrous one yet.

But Moseley went one step further in both the “Repugnant” and “Ridiculous” categories of defense, by comparing what Moore is accused of to stealing a lawnmower.

Speaking to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin Monday, Moseley tried to defend Moore by claiming that if the allegations were “Serious,” he would have heard of them in the 20 years that he has known Moore.

“You make this argument that there wasn’t a law against sexual abuse in Alabama back in the 70s,” Baldwin continued.

If these are the kind of friends and defenders that Moore has in his corner, he ought to stop listening to them, and instead heed the advice of his colleague, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, to step down from the race and save us from hearing any further repulsive excuses for his patently inexcusable acts.

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