Maxine Waters demands info on Russia-linked Twitter accounts she says targeted her

Rep. Maxine Waters is demanding Twitter provide information on Russian-linked accounts she says targeted her and her congressional district.

“I have often noticed that every time I tweeted about Trump and Russia, dozens of strange accounts would immediately tweet various lies and falsehoods that fringe alt-right websites would subsequently use as a basis to write fake news stories.

The company took nearly a year to shut down the account despite repeated notifications from the state’s real Republican Party pointing out that the account was fake, according to the report.

Waters said the account tweeted out an “Impeach Maxine Waters” hashtag during a town hall meeting she held earlier this year.

“It is for this reason that I am now calling upon Twitter to provide detailed information regarding all Russian-linked accounts that targeted me and my congressional district. ”

In the letter Waters wrote – addressed to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – Waters requested information on the “total number of accounts linked to Russia” that mentioned her name and the “manner and number of tweets” that mentioned her.

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