Mitch McConnell admits Republicans deserve to lose their jobs

Because by his own admission, if Republican leaders can’t sell the GOP’s tax bill to voters as a gift from Washington, D.C., then they have failed miserably. The failure is astonishing, since traditionally there’s nothing easier in American politics than convincing voters to support tax cuts.

But voters see through the GOP charade. The scam bill is now viewed more negatively than it was two months ago. “Americans now express more confidence in Democrats than Republicans to handle taxes, [and] the economy.”

The Journal/NBC poll found that more than two-thirds of respondents said the GOP law is designed mostly to help corporations and the wealthy. “The rest of the tax cuts appear to favor the wealthy.”

No major party in recent history has ever tried to pass a piece of legislation so universally despised as the GOP tax bill, let alone present the bill as the cornerstone to the party’s legislative accomplishments.

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