New details are coming out about the mysterious death of a former top Vladimir Putin aide in a DC hotel

The heavily redacted documents reveal some new details about Lesin’s final days but leave many other questions unanswered, including with whom Lesin was interacting in the U.S. capital and his reasons for being there in the first place.

In the 58-page police report, investigators said Lesin was drinking heavily in the Four Seasons Hotel, as well as in the Dupont Circle Hotel, where he was ultimately found.

The report cites staff from both hotels saying that security guards saw Lesin walking drunk through the halls, sometimes wearing black underwear and a dress shirt. A few minutes later, a security guard checked on Lesin in his room and found him “Passed out on the bed.”

The report gives no indication who the friend was, nor does it mention the person’s name again, though it said the person was staying at the hotel.

On November 4, at around 2 p.m., a Dupont Circle security guard who reported finding Lesin “stumbling drunk” in his room, asked if he needed medical help. The guard called for medical help, and responding police determined Lesin was dead.

Russia officials have said little publicly about Lesin’s death, aside from indicating early on that they expected U.S. law enforcement to provide full details.

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