Pence “has new questions to answer.” Sen. Blumenthal says VP must come clean on Flynn

In conversation with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, Connecticut Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal made clear he is not convinced by Pence’s denials, and that he wants real answers from the vice president:

BLUMENTHAL: The question now is, what did they know, and when did they know it, about obstruction of justice? Not only Flynn, but also Pence, Kushner, and others in the administration.

BLITZER: So you want the Vice President of the United States to testify as well?

BLUMENTHAL: Well, I want answers to some of the questions that logically flow from the Flynn guilty plea, such as what did he know about Flynn’s contacts with the Russians during the transition, when he was a very key figure?

BLITZER: You’re talking about the Vice President.

Pence ought to honor Blumenthal’s request and give some answers to the Senate. The American people deserve to know whether Pence was a willing participant in conspiracy and obstruction, or whether he was simply a fool.

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