Sarah Sanders gaslights America

During a White House news briefing held immediately after the House passed the Republican tax cut bill on Tuesday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was peppered with questions about why the White House won’t be straightforward about how the bill directly benefits President Trump and his family.

Trump has publicly proclaimed that the bill is “Not good” for him, but that’s a lie. Repealing the alternative minimum tax, estate tax, and providing tax breaks for “Pass-through” corporations like the ones used by the Trump Organization will provide billions of dollars in tax savings for the Trump family – not to mention a last-minute provision included in the final version of the bill that benefits real estate developers.

While there’s no doubt that Trump and his family will benefit personally from the tax bill, it’s impossible to know exactly how much Trump stands to gain because he refuses to follow precedent and release his tax returns. On Tuesday, Sanders exploited the ambiguity created by Trump’s lack of transparency to sow doubt about whether the president will benefit at all.

At the beginning of the briefing, Sanders was asked how Trump can possibly say the bill will hurt him, given that every analysis shows it will be hugely beneficial for wealthy people in general and Trump in particular.

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