Sarah Sanders visibly squirms over Trump’s endorsement of accused child molester

Sarah Huckabee Sanders could only muster a weak defense when a reporter challenged her to clarify why Donald Trump has given his full-throated endorsement to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Near the beginning of the daily White House press briefing Tuesday, Sanders said Trump was backing Moore despite the credible allegations of child molestation against him because he supports Trump’s agenda.

Sanders was visibly uncomfortable when MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson asked her about Trump’s decision to back Moore, despite the multiple allegations against him.

The exchange was a glaring example of the Trump team wanting to eat their cake and have it too. Trump wants credit for criticizing Moore, but also praise from base Republicans for endorsing his campaign, while inoculating himself from criticism for the party getting behind an accused pedophile.

An accused pedophile running for office has the backing of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

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