See the moment Flynn gleefully texted about Russia deal at Trump inauguration

As special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump and the Russians continues at a rapid boil, a vivid picture of where that investigation is headed emerged on Wednesday. According to this whistleblower, General Flynn reportedly sent a key communication on Inauguration Day indicating that the project was now “Good to go” and directing his business colleagues to move forward.

This information, at a minimum, helps demonstrate the Trump administration’s intention to ease sanctions against Russia, a key element to the collusion that Mueller is investigating. It also opens the window on the type of cooperation that Flynn can provide Mueller as a result of his plea deal.

Symbolically there’s perhaps no greater summation of the Trump team’s jubilant selling out of American democracy than the photo that Cummings included with his press release. He blamed President Obama for the sanctions, stating that he “f*cked everything up in my nuclear deal with the sanctions.”

The fact that Mueller asked Cummings to hold off on publicizing this information, and has now authorized its release, is yet another sign that even with all of the bombshells that have already gone off in this investigation, this is still just the tip of the iceberg.

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