Sen. Al Franken resigns, calls for a woman to replace him

Al Franken announced he is resigning from the Senate in the next few weeks, during a speech Thursday.

“We must lead by example,” Washington’s Patty Murray said in a statement. After half a dozen women called on Franken to step down, dozens of other Democrats followed, including Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez.

In a deeply cynical move, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also demanded Franken’s resignation – even as he has renewed his support for alleged child molester Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race.

Despite his work, Democrats have forcefully declared that Franken’s alleged behavior, despite his apologies, disqualifies him from serving in the Senate.

Democrats’ actions this week stand in stark contrast to Republicans’ embrace of Trump, Moore, and other sexual predators, and it’s a reminder that sexual misconduct should not be tolerated, regardless of party.

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