These are the obscure Trump staffers who are systematically dismantling the federal government

“We’re going to be doing smart budget cuts, budget cuts that will make it just as good or better than it is right now but for a lot less money,” he vowed.

Congress has not yet enacted his massive budget cuts, but that has not stopped the administration from dispatching a team of domestic policy aides to push for cuts, unilateral executive actions, and conservative actions across the federal government.

Because Trump has appointed very few officials, the small group of conservative activists who are attempting to implement his agenda could hold outsized influence.

The Office of Management and Budget did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the document.

A ThinkProgress examination of these mostly young and deeply conservative staffers found that each is uniquely suited to dismantle or outsource a key part of the federal government. Both efforts would divert federal funding for public schools toward private and even religious schools.

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