Top Senate Judiciary Republican unloads on colleague over tweet about Russia probe

The tweet implied that the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation into Russia’s election interference – a probe Grassley oversees – had been improperly influenced by President Donald Trump.

The Democrat’s tweet suggested the White House had pressured the Judiciary Committee, which Grassley chairs, to shift the direction of its investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 US election toward Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee.

Grassley was not named in the report, and Whitehouse did not identify him by name in his tweet.

“Your erroneous tweet has since been referenced in the media, and the myth that I took some instruction on the direction of the Committee’s oversight work from the President has spread as a result,” Grassley wrote. ”

In a statement to Business Insider, Whitehouse said he had spoken with Grassley about the tweet.

The Judiciary Committee’s chief investigative counsel, Jason Foster, asked Fusion to amend its filing to reflect the fact that Grassley had pushed back against Whitehouse’s tweet.

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