Trump calls for end to Saudi blockade in Yemen, following desperate international requests

President Trump has called for Saudi Arabia to end its blockade in Yemen, an abrupt pivot in a war that has received U.S. backing and financial support since it began.

In a short statement released Wednesday, attributed to Trump, the White House demanded that Saudi officials allow vital necessities into Yemen. Neighboring Saudi Arabia intervened shortly after war broke out, worsening the situation and sending Yemen into a spiral. Nearly a million cases of cholera have been reported in Yemen and at least 2,000 people have died from the disease, many of whom are children. Trump has repeatedly praised the Saudi government as a regional leader, holding the kingdom up as an alternative to another regional power and source of White House ire, Iran.

But U.S. support for Saudi aggression in Yemen may finally be wearing thin. News of Saleh’s death has triggered riots and clashes across Sanaa, Yemen’s capital, Join The Conversation

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