Trump ends homeless vets program as their numbers rise for first time in 7 years

But the toxic right-wing ideology of Trump and his administration has nonetheless seeped into the way they take care of and prioritize veterans.

The VA said it was essentially ending a special $460 million program that has dramatically reduced homelessness among chronically sick and vulnerable veterans.

Anger exploded on a Dec. 1 call that was arranged by Shulkin’s Advisory Committee on Homeless Veterans to explain the move. Advocates for veterans, state officials and even officials from HUD, which co-sponsors the program, attacked the decision, according to five people who were on the call. The effect is that it would just be used far less efficiently – and many more homeless veterans will be forced out onto the streets.

“The people in this program are the most vulnerable individuals,” Matt Leslie, who runs the housing program for the Virginia Department of Veterans Services, told Politico.

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