Trump issues unhinged decree: Hire accused pedophile, fire journalists who expose him

But at the same time that Trump has expressed sympathy for a man accused of molesting children, he is pushing for reporters to be fired for making mistakes.

While Trump clearly wants Alabama voters to hire Moore for the open senate seat, despite credible allegations of pedophilia and other sexual misconduct to minors, he simultaneously railed against the media for making mistakes in judgement.

Trump’s standards are farcical. He is pounding the table, and demanding that reporters be fired for a mistake – the same type of people who did the work in revealing Moore’s behavior. Trump continually seeks to undermine legitimate journalism, decrying anything that disagrees with him or makes him look bad as “Fake news.”

But he is also telling voters that while they should question the media’s trustworthiness, they should put their trust in Moore.

It is an even bigger joke that he’s making this judgment call while stumping for Roy Moore.

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