Trump’s lawyer comes unhinged, claims Trump “has every right” to obstruct justice

Trying to clean up the Twitter mess, Dowd soon insisted he had written the Trump tweet in question.

Now comes the Dowd claim that even if Trump did write the tweet and even if he does try to thwart Mueller’s burgeoning investigation, it’s fine because Trump is immune to the law.

This latest claim comes in the wake of ongoing White House spin that Trump also can’t be charged with colluding with Russia. Notes Axios, “Presumably, you wouldn’t preemptively make these arguments unless you felt there was a chance charges are coming.”

Former President Richard Nixon was famously charged with obstruction of justice during the Watergate scandal. The U.S. House of Representatives passed three articles of impeachment against Nixon, and one of them was for obstruction of justice, as Nixon tried to cover-up the initial Watergate break-in at the Democratic National Committee’s headquarters, which was oversee by Nixon’s team.

Now we’re being told there are completely new rules for the Trump era.

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