Two teenagers being held by the Trump administration can get abortions, judge rules

Two pregnant, undocumented teenage women being held by the Trump administration should be allowed to get abortions, a federal judge ruled Monday.

A judge ruled Monday that the teenagers, who have been dubbed Jane Roe and Jane Poe in court filings and are both 17 years old, must now be allowed to leave the shelters in which they are currently being held by the Office of Refugee Resettlement and taken to an abortion provider.

They were unable to obtain abortions as part of a new policy adopted by the Trump administration that bars undocumented minors from getting an abortion without the approval of the Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement. The ACLU has called the new policy “Blatantly unconstitutional” in court filings, and although the Trump administration has argued that doing so would mean the government was “Facilitating” abortions, Roe and Poe’s procedures will be paid for with private funds, according to court papers.

Nonetheless, the Department of Human Services said in a statement following the ruling that they were “Deeply disappointed by the decision to grant a temporary restraining order that will compel HHS to facilitate abortions for minors when they are not medically necessary.”

HHS also argued that the ruling will mean that young women will make the often dangerous trip across the border into United States in order to be detained and get an abortion. In October, after a prolonged fight, a federal appeals court ruled in her favor and she was able to get the abortion she sought.

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