UN says Saudi’s closure of Yemen’s seaports undoes progress in fight against famine and cholera

On November 4 Saudi Arabia said it intercepted north or Riyadh is said was fired from Yemen – blaming Iran for the incident, Saudi authorities accused Iran of “Declaring war” on their country.

“We have some 21 million people needing assistance and seven million of those are in famine-like conditions and rely completely on food aid,” he said. Humanitarian agencies have been making gains in fighting famine as well as the deadly cholera outbreak that has killed over 2,200 and made nearly 1 million people ill.

“This import blockage will reverse those gains and leave millions of people in a very precarious situation as we move ahead. The humanitarians are just holding things together, waiting for a peace process which is very much in the distance,” he said. There’s enough wheat and rice to feed the population of 28 million for four months.

Although Iran denies backing the Houthi rebels, the Saudi-led coalition said it will continue to keep the seaport closed until the United Nations comes up with a program that ensures weapons intended for the Houthis do not make it into the country.

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