We’re learning more about what the Trump team knew when — and the evidence is damning

Jpg” alt=”Donald Trump Mike Flynn” data-mce-source=”George Frey/Getty Images”>George Frey/Getty Images

    The evidence that Donald Trump and his team of associates conspired to let Moscow attack American democracy is quite strong.

    We know Kremlin agents reached out to offer information on Hillary Clinton and that the Trump campaign’s data firm reached out to Wikileaks about Clinton.

    Flynn admits he spoke with the Russian ambassador at the request of the Trump transition team but lied to the FBI.

    It is highly likely the Trump campaign knew Russia had intervened in the election and remained committed to improving ties.

The circumstantial evidence suggesting that the Trump campaign collaborated with the Kremlin to get now-President Donald Trump elected continues to mount.

We know that several other senior Trump campaign officials were aware of these approaches, failed to report them to the FBI, and encouraged the outreach.

Trump’s denials continued throughout the presidential transition and, as president, Trump has Join The Conversation

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