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Where are they now? A rogues’ gallery of white nationalists ahead of United the Right 2

James Clarke



The Unite the Right rally last August brought the lurking specter of white nationalism to the mainstream’s attention.

Even though a few far-right figures remain determined to hold a rally tomorrow outside the White House, this crackdown has caused a major fracturing, making it increasingly unlikely that many of the major figures will, or even can, return to lend support. Here’s a rundown of some of the main far-right figures from last year’s rally, and a look at where they are now.

Jason Kessler

Jason Kessler’s 15 minutes of fame started and ended at Charlottesville last August.

Kessler has spent a good portion of the last year being ostracized by other far-right figureheads, and is – along with two dozen other white nationalists – facing a massive lawsuit in 2019 that claims that he was responsible for the violence.