White House flack admits: Lobbyists controlled Trump tax scam

And later that day, Trump’s Director of Legislative Affairs, Marc Short, bluntly admitted that lobbyists were in control of the bill’s contents.

On “Meet the Press,” host Chuck Todd played a montage of Trump’s lies and broken promises, and noted that “None of those things are true right now.”

“What do you say to those broken promises that the candidate Donald Trump made on taxes?” Todd asked.

Short didn’t bother to dispute Todd’s characterization, instead cherry-picking a few parts of the bill that he felt did fulfill promises that Trump made, and excusing the rest with that stunning admission:

SHORT: Chuck, there are many deliveries here in the bill that the president made promises on. It also eliminates many deductions that families and businesses were taking such as specifically lobbying expenses. There are certain industries here that made it impossible for us to deliver on every single one of those. President Donald Trump’s financial disclosures listed between $41 million and $68 million of the same income.

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